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Rene Descartes suggested “If there´s damage, there´s pain, if there´s no damage therefore there´s no pain and the more damage you have, the more pain you feel”, suggesting that the degree of pain experienced was directly proportional to the degree of tissue damage, but...

There are three phases of specific rehabilitation that can be viewed as a continuum for prescribing exercises(1)

  • Phase 1: Focus on low-load precision to activate deep cervical and axioscapular muscles.

  • Phase 2: Coordination of muscles during postural movements...

4 Jan 2018

Here at ProPhysio we treat and rehabilitate patients with a range of injuries day to day.

The following is a list of the most common reasons that patients come to Pro Physio to see our amazing physio team.

Due to the commitment of our Physio's we can usually book in tre...

22 Nov 2017

‘This is my dodgy knee – it has never been the same since the operation’.


A common misconception exists among many patients who require surgery for an injury: That the joint or structure that is being repaired, will never be as good as before. At this point, I want to...

Today we are going to talk a little bit about knee pain after a knee replacement and we have found some interesting research papers about it, so let’s see what this anterior knee pain is and how we can treat it.

First of all, they concluded that anterior knee pain after...

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