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Dance is based on a principle of proper body alignment and position leading to beautiful and graceful displays of both agility and strength.


However even the slightest alteration in alignment can prevent proper joint motion and lead to muscle tightness or injury. Dance rehabilitation involves specific control and movement training to re-establish appropriate dance lines. 
When a dancer experiences pain, the automatic reaction is to alter alignment to avoid this pain. Left untreated this becomes normalised, leading to further injuries. Most dance injuries stem from an altered dance line. Injuries may also be caused by explosive movements, sudden deceleration and rapid changes in direction.
Dance Injury
Ankle Sprain
Male Dancer
Sadly, many dancers have come to expect an element of pain is normal. This however is never a good thing and it is important for the dancer to understand the source of an injury and the most appropriate treatment regime.
It is vital for any dancer to ensure that they are treated by a practitioner with a specialist knowledge of dance injuries.  A dancer does not need a practitioner to simply make adjustments; they need a practitioner who is fully versed in the treatment of dance injuries and in the best way to return dancers back to normal activity as soon as possible.
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