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Bionic Hand Treatment

21st Century Back Care

‘There has never been a more effective treatment for back and neck pain.’

At ProPhysio we provide specialised treatment involves the use of a revolutionary tool known as Theraflex or the ‘Bionic Hand’ (or Power Assisted Micro Manipulator PAMM).


The expansion of skills is comparable to the revolution in dentistry, which was made possible by the development of the modern dental drill.  The Bionic Hand in turn brings Manual Therapy and Back Care into the 21st Century.


With the use of the Bionic Hand it is now possible to again enjoy a pain free and active life even for those presenting with severe levels of joint degeneration (wear and tear).  Some of the many spinal problems that can be effectively treated are:


  • Whiplash

  • Disc problems

  • Acute locking neck/back

  • Arthritis (degeneration)

  • Osteoporosis

  • Scoliosis (curvature of the spine)

The Rationale


To function correctly the spine must be supple and elastic like that of a healthy teenager.  Often with incorrect use and age the mid spine loses this elasticity and therefore the joints in the neck and lower back region become over stressed.  This over-stressing causes excessive wear and tear, stretched ligaments, disc prolapses and eventually chronic pain.



So why choose the Bionic Hand Treatment?


No magic manipulation or electrotherapy devise can reverse joint degeneration.  The imperative is to halt this overwork and over stressing of the affected joints.  By using the Bionic Hand it is now possible to restore the suppleness and elasticity of the mid spine, therefore halting this overwork and over stressing of the affected joints.  At ProPhysio we are quick to appreciate that focused, precise, joint-by-joint, gentle, passive and progressive whole spine mobilisation would be impracticable without the tireless energy and speed of bionics.  Moreover, the restoration of elasticity requires the repeated and progressive stimulation of a great number of reflexes.



‘Human hands cannot come close to what is required.  It is for this reason that the Bionic Hand has been developed!’

Prevention is the Key!


The ideal situation is for the patient to receive treatment before reaching the final stages of back pain.  With the Bionic Hand, treatment can now be preventative, which should be encouraged from an early age like a routine dental check up, so that back pain is avoided in later life.


While the tool is essential, it is nothing without the skill of our practitioners, just as the dental drill is nothing without the dentist.


ProPhysio is proud to be one of the first Clinics in the country to have installed this revolutionary treatment tool.  We have also been featured in all the local North-West newspapers and were featured on BBC North-West News.


Please call us on 01244 350550 if you want to find out more or just drop in to meet us, so that we may show you the Bionic Hand and give you a demonstration.

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