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How can ProPhysio help you?

At ProPhysio we have staff with extensive experience in Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy and treatment of all types of sports injuries and cater for everyone from the casual recreational enthusiast to the sporting professional.

One of the common downsides to participating in sport is the potential for sports injury.  Fortunately though sports injury occurs relatively infrequently and the benefits of participation far outweigh any potential of a sports injury.

At ProPhysio we deal with the day-to-day management of a wide range of sports injury and can confidently say that we are experts in sports injury management. 


We are able to assess, accurately diagnose and optimally manage your sports injury in the shortest possible time.

What to expect...
You initial appointment will include a thorough and individualised assessment of your injury following which we will be able to determine and assess:

 - What is the problem
 - Why you are experiencing pain/dysfunction
 - What can be done
 - How long typically will it will take to recover
 - How you can prevent future recurrences

We will design a specific treatment program for you employed the most appropriate techniques depending upon your age, sex, sport, work requirements and/or lifestyle. Electrotherapy such as ultrasound, laser, inferential etc may be utilised to assist pain relief and facilitate your healing rate.

You will be instructed on a number or personalised exercises for you to do at home. These will greatly help in getting you back to normal health as quickly as possible. We'll also provide you with helpful advice on the best ways to ease your pain. For example advice on posture, sleeping position and pain relief.

The end result is efficient pain reduction, quicker natural healing and of course your return to full activity as quickly as possible.

Range of Techniques


There are many different techniques that we use when treating a sports injury.


These include:

  • Joint mobilisation

  • Strengthening exercises

  • Stretching exercises

  • Kinesiology tape

  • Ultrasound

  • Gait and Biomechanical analysis

  • Soft tissue massage

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