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How Pilates Helped Me...

How Pilates helped to prevent a major back injury...

For two years now, I have been doing weekly Pilates at ProPhysio – I never miss a week; when on holiday or business trip I take Pilates with me via the ProPhysio YouTube videos.

Pilates certainly has contributed to a cure for my back problems. Doctors had suggested neuro-surgery 2 years ago, but physio and Pilates completely got me back on track again without surgery. Little did I know how valuable it would become in other respects.

10 days ago, I had a pretty bad fall from my horse, landing on my lower back from some height. An ambulance had to pick me up from the indoor riding school and they immobilised me, in case I had a back fracture.

10 hours later, I was released from hospital. The scans that I had did not show any fractures, but the doctors told me that my very strong back muscles, thanks to Pilates, may well have protected me from any more serious injury, including possible fractures.

They also suggested that we might need to cancel our flights to Australia, 6 days after the fall, due to severe rib bruising, muscle tears etc…. you name it.

Two physio treatments later and fully taped up by ProPhysio, we could fly as planned (although upgraded to business class). Now I am sitting in the sunshine and can walk a couple of miles per day again. When I took the tapes off after 5 days, I really felt the difference. They had really given me significant support and I noticed that they were no longer there.

Another aspect of the strength that I have from Pilates is that I sometimes need to get up, particularly from lying down, using a rather unorthodox series of movements, using all sorts of different muscles, which I think would have been more challenging if the muscles had not been trained and toned by Pilates.

My next visit to Pro Physio is already booked for the day after my return. Although it may be still a few weeks until I can get back on my horse, I can fully enjoy my holiday and thanks to Pilates, a major back injury was prevented.

A BIG THANK YOU to the ProPhysio team.


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