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Throughout COVID-19, the safety and well-being of all of our patients and the team at ProPhysio has been our priority. We are pleased to announce that we have re-commenced Physiotherapy Treatment, with additional measures to safely carry out sessions with additional processes now in place.

The nature of hands-on Physiotherapy means that we may be in close contact with you and therefore there are aspects of this we need to carefully consider.

Any patients making a booking will initially be assessed on the telephone. If following the assessment, face to face physiotherapy is deemed appropriate, is mutually agreed, and no risk factors as to why you shouldn’t attend have been identified, then an appointment will be scheduled. Limited appointments are available so that we may safely respect current guidelines to enable us sanitise the room and corridor between patient visits.

When attending ProPhysio, you will notice a number of changes which we have implemented. These measures will be revised and amended as necessary. To help ensure we can maintain a safe environment, it is essential that you carefully read the steps we have taken and agree to comply with the measures.

We have outlined below the process that will occur:

  • All appointments will be made over the telephone. At present, we are limiting the number of receptionists in the clinic to ensure the safety and wellbeing of both patients and our team.

  • Should it be agreed face to face care is the preferred route, we will ensure that you understand:

  • The potential nature of close patient contact during our services

  • The level of PPE that you and the physiotherapist will be required to wear

  • The infection prevention and control measures that must be taken

  • Given the guidance on shielding, those classified as ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ will be discouraged from face to face appointments during the period of shielding.

  • As part of the assessment, we will ask you a series of screening questions in relation to COVID-19.


  • We may ask to take your temperature on entry to the clinic as part of our screening.

  • All correspondence, invoices, exercises and receipts will be sent via email, so please ensure we have your correct email address.

  • You will find physical reminders of social distancing as well as a Perspex reception barrier although at this time the reception is out of bounds to patients to maintain social distancing.

  • All magazines, printed material and soft furnishings (including pillows and towels) have been removed.

  • We would ask that if you would like a pillow or towel during treatment, to please bring your own.

  • We will be minimising the use of equipment wherever possible.

  • The water dispenser and toilets will be out of use.

  • We will be limiting the number of Physiotherapists working at any one time and appointments will be staggered to facilitate social distancing.

  • We would request that if at all possible, you do not bring anyone with you to your appointment. If it is your preference to bring someone with you, they will have to accompany you into the clinic room (they will not be able to wait in the waiting area) and will also be asked COVID-19 screening questions and to record their contact details should we require them in the future as part of track and trace.

  • Children under 16 will need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian, who will also need to answer COVID-19 screening questions.

  • Please do not arrive early for your appointment to minimise the risk of contact with other patients. We ask that if you come by car, please wait in your car (or outside if it is too hot) until your booked appointment time. At your appointment time, please wait and your Physiotherapist will greet you.

  • Whilst in the clinic, please observe social distancing, by keeping at least 2 metres from anyone (unless receiving clinical treatment).

  • We ask all patients visiting the clinic to wear their own face covering..

  • Our Physiotherapists will be wearing appropriate PPE in line with the latest guidance.

  • You will be asked to make any further appointments with your Physiotherapist whilst still in the clinic room or online. No bookings will be made at the reception desk.

  • After your appointment, you can pay via card or you will be sent an invoice via email to make payment online. We no longer accept cash or cheques.

  • Enhanced cleaning measures for all communal and clinical areas will occur. The clinic rooms will be cleaned in between every patient.

  • Please do not wear your own gloves into the clinic, as this poses a potential risk.

  • Please use hand sanitiser when you enter the clinic.

  • Please refrain from touching anything whilst you are in the clinic.

  • Our team understand the importance of hand hygiene and will ensure that they wash their hands in according with guidelines before and after any ‘hands on’ interaction.

We aim to make any interactions as safe, comfortable and valuable as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


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