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!! COVID19 Coronavirus Clinic Update !!

PHYSIOTHERAPY TREATMENT - It is business as usual at the clinic but during this time ProPhysio is offering Physiotherapy Telephone Consultations as an alternative to hands on treatment to anyone who is concerned about their pain or mobility and unable to leave their house.

Our onsite Physiotherapists can offer practical and functional advice to help manage many conditions, and although clinical diagnosis wouldn't be possible without a physical assessment, we may be able to reassure you or signpost you to the best form of management.

We are working with our IT department to enable us to provide Consultations by Video and will keep you posted when this becomes available.

PILATES CLASSES - at this current time are running as usual - if you wish please bring your own towels to place over gym mats.

In the meantime we are grateful to you all for your support and to those patients for cancelling if you have any symptoms of a cough, temperature, sore throat or cold.

We will continue to update you as and when the situation changes.

Please stay healthy. With Thanks. Deborah May Practice Manager

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