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ProHealth Diagnostics is offering an array of fitness tests at ProPhysio. Lactate Threshold testing, Ultrasound testing to measure Body Fat and Muscle Composition and Resting Metabolic Rate testing (RMR)

The Lactate test can either be conducted on an exercise bike or a treadmill. Earlier this month, Phil Murphy from Total Tri Training, a triathlon company working with approximately 200 athletes, came into ProPhysio Gym and completed the test. The Lactate test was conducted by a resting lactate sample being taken- a simple finger prick test is needed to draw blood in order to take the measurement. Then, after a five minute warm up was conducted, another reading was taken. Readings were next taken in 3 minute intervals and 6 were taken in total. After each interval, the speed of the treadmill also increased. The Lactate test has a clear purpose to establish the lactate/threshold pace of an individual, determining correct run paces for the athlete. This will allow maximum benefit from your training.

Another test that Phil completed earlier this month was the ultrasound test to measure his body fat and muscle composition. This test comprises of ultrasound readings being taken from 3 to 9 sites from the body and then an average reading can be taken. The test was easy to conduct and a relatively quick and a non-invasive process. The results can be given in a percentage form and another ultrasound test could be taken in the future to compare results. For instance one could take into account that if the weight of an individual stays the same and their body fat composition has reduced, they may have gained muscle weight.

A Resting Metabolic Rate test is an easy way to determine your required calorific input to maintain, gain or lose weight. Athletes spend many hours training, therefore being at your optimum body weight is one of the easiest ways to improve your sporting performance.

The fitness testing that was conducted was exciting, as athletes and people who enjoy sport at all levels, can now have a greater understanding of their body and fitness. Here at the ProPhysio Clinic, we are offering fitness testing. Danny Webber who has a BSc in Sports Science and an MSc in Sports Physiology will carry out the test here at ProPhysio. The testing lasts either 60 minutes for Blood Lactate and Ultrasound Body Composition testing or 90 minutes for Blood Lactate, Ultrasound Body Composition and RMR testing.

If you are interested in this Fitness Testing, do not hesitate to contact ProPhysio reception on 01244350550 or contact Gary Bissell or Collin Cartwright at ProHealth Diagnostics (PHD).

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